Wednesday, April 8, 2009

...2nd post...

ni smbungan utk kata2 pujangga lg ckit jek ni..he3...

  • i don't care what you have to say..i just turn around and walkaway..did you really think i would cry again???nah boo,think again
  • my love is like family is like friends are the BEST..and i'm completely HAPPY
  • sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past..stop planning the future..stop trying to figure out precisely how we feel..stop deciding with our mind what we want our heart to feel..sometimes we just have to go with.."whatever happens,happens.."
  • life is about change..sometimes its painful..sometimes its beautiful most of the time
  • don't regret the things you've done..regret the things you didn't do when you had the chance
  • my name must taste good coz it always in somebody's mouth
  • i don't give anyone a reason to hate me..they create their own little drama of pure jealousy
  • life is to short..grudges are a waste of perfect happiness..laugh when you can..apologize when u should and let go of what you can deeply and forgive quickly..take chances give everything and have no regrets
  • life is too short to be have to take good with the when you are what you got and always remember what you had..always forgive but never forget..learn from your mistake but never regret
  • be strong now coz things will get might be storm now but it can't rain forever
  • don't take for granted what you have could be gone tomorrow
  • life is not the amount of breaths you take..its the amount of moments that take you breath away
  • get a problem with me??solve it!!think i'm trippin??tie my shoe!!can't stand me??sit down!!can't face me??turn around!!
  • one day you are going to wake up and realize how much you care about me..and when the day comes,i'll be waking up next to you that already know
  • don't let nothing come between you are friendship because life is way too short
  • the best things in life are unseen..that's why we close our eyes when we cry,kiss and dream
  • love is giving someone the power to destroy you but trusting them not to
  • our eyes is the winner of our soul
dh hbs jek la yg ak nk share ngn sume.. Easter egg peekaboo



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